Shabbat & Holidays

Shabbat Shabbat

Each week, Swarthmore Kehilah hosts Shabbat services and dinner in Bond Hall. Our multi-denominational services are often student-led, and include Kabbalat Shabbat, a D’var Torah, and Maariv Aravim. Family-style dinners are made by groups students in our Kosher kitchen.

Holidays Holidays

In addition to weekly Shabbat services, Kehilah hosts services and dinners for many of the Jewish Holidays. In the fall, we host High Holiday nightime services, and help students connect with and travel to nearby synagoges to attend daytime services. We build a Sukkah every year outside of the dining hall, and host events with other students, our campus Rabbi, and Tri-Co Chabbad. For Chanukah, host celebrations and study breaks each night, and often have a “takeover” of the on-campus cafe, Paces. Purim also often comes with a Paces takeover or a Purim Party.

For Passover, we hold two seders and host a co-op where students can eat and make homemade Kosher for Passover food each night of the holiday. For the first time this year, we hosted a school-wide Passover seder, and attracted more than 100 people, including faculty members and students of all faiths.